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My top breeding priority is to preserve the characteristic and the look of pure ganoi.

Seriously.  I am currently too busy just to feed them, therefore I will have to send them out and need your help to evaluate them. They all are from good bloodlines so their showing potential is always there.

Before offering any bird, I spend about 20 minutes inspection to make sure he or she has all the characteristic of a good ganoi. Before sending, I will check again about 5 minutes to make sure there is no new problem with the birds.

I will not speculate on a chicken so I will have to ignore any misleading questions. As you already know, having a good ganoi is only a beginning.

This is my favorite brood cock of 2010. He is praised by some ganoi masters. You may have to hold him in your hand to feel his energy. I am currently breeding him non-stop to multiple hens, you could expect to see more of this quality in future.


Ganoi also known for having interesting legs and big spurs, this picture is from a brood cock I just obtained for my breeding program, you will see more of this legs & spurs next year.

I have two main blood lines


I like blue ganoi but they are rare so I developed this bloodline from scratch.  I call them Crazy Blue because most of them are aggressive; I get all kind of bruises on my arm when I play with them, even some young pullets come to attacking my legs as a way asking for treats - but I don't mind it at all.

Their main characteristic is the body structure, one of the best I have seen. You can tell by the deep chest bone from the picture, or after you hold them in your hand. They also have big spurs.

They are proven  and they are getting better.



Someone asked me if the rooter in this picture is real. Yes he is real and he was one of the best show cock we have seen. I will continue to improve and add black face, big spurs to this line.








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